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Thank you very much for your interest in the Aspin Cap. We are currently fielding offers from all over the world to utilize our patented technology by beverage, nutritional and pharmaceutical industries.

We welcome all inquiries regarding licensing, partnership and participation in our market development as interactive caps become a major packaging industry focus.

Aspin Dispensing Bottle Cap  Aspin Dispensing Bottle Cap  Aspin Dispensing Bottle Cap

ASPIN Dispensing Bottle Cap U.S. Patent #7614496

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Welcome to New World Innovations - Inventor of the SQUID - Super-Quick Undersea Incident Device, Inventor of ViseNut, Inventor of Aspin Bottle Cap, and more. Contact Us to be the first to know of newly released products.

Deepwater Horizon Spill containment: the SQUID: Eco-Friendly, Non-nuclear option for the Gulf Oil Spill



Spirit Ridge Concrete Creations

Steven Dvorak is also the owner of Spirit Ridge Studios. See his portfolio at and check out these beautiful concrete countertops