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Houston Inventor Steven Dvorak has BP Oil Spill Solution: The SQUID Eco containment device

Houston local Steven Dvorak saw the news of the BP Gulf oil spill in April and quickly devised a containment solution. His invention, called the Super-Quick Undersea Incident Device, or SQUID, consists of a heavy metal ring attached to a high strength flexible plastic tube (all about 48 feet in diameter) with a very low freezing point, that would create a guiding funnel for the leak to bring the oil directly to the surface, where skimmers could remove the oil. See full description at

Discovery News  says BP must be “having a ‘DUH’ moment.” Popular Science says the SQUID Eco containment device “could quickly help contain the mess.” And NBC says “BP is not paying attention”. With so many people supporting the SQUID and defending its viability, the question buzzing around the internet is “So how do we get BP to give it a go?”

According to BP’s Deep Horizon Response website, “More than 20,000 ideas on how to stop the flow of oil or contain the oil have been sent to BP since the Gulf of Mexico incident…around 100 ideas are under further review.”

“I understand the need to thoroughly investigate each option before proceeding,” Dvorak said, “But with a team the size of BP’s, you’d think they could take action faster.” Dvorak has already lined up manufacturers to produce the SQUID in record time, if BP accepts the idea, so it can be implemented as soon as possible. “I feel like how most of America seems to feel right now; my hands are tied and we are just waiting to see what happens. It’s like watching a pot of water boiling over and not being able to turn it off, even though the knob is within reach,” Dvorak says.

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