NON-NUKE OPTION for the SPILL! | Houston Inventor has solution for BP spill | Eco-friendly containment for the Gulf Oil Spill | Re: BP considering the SQUID as solution for Gulf oil leak | Deepwater Horizon Spill containment: the SQUID | Protect our oceans from the spill by using the SQUID!

I am an inventor in Houston, Texas and have for the past 50 days been pounding on the wall surrounding BP to employ my S.Q.U.I.D. (Super-Quick Undersea Incident Device) to capture the enormous volume of leaking oil and gas.

My invention has been reviewed by Popular Science, Discovery News, MIT engineers, oil and gas well control specialists and manufacturers and has been deemed workable, fast and desperately needed NOW.

Right now, the 2 major options being considered are nuking the well or adding bacteria to the waters to eat the oil. SQUID is a solution that overcomes the political issues surrounding these and other solutions. No nuclear bombs to affect the ocean floor (possibly making the spill worse). No bacteria released into the waters with unknown effects to the environment. Nothing employed in the SQUID will harm the surrounding ecosystem. In fact, it can only save the surrounding ecosystem from being overcome by oil. It’s environmentally friendly: no need for millions of bales of hay to be wasted. The SQUID will direct the oil up to the surface to waiting containment pools for the skimmers and tankers to siphon the oil and gases out of the water.

I have submitted and resubmitted this idea to BP, the Dept. of Energy, Dept. of the Interior, and now have re-submitted to the U.S. Coast Guard at their new contact site. This is a shell game where contact numbers and parties keep getting changed around.

I am trying to raise awareness about this eco-friendly idea, and anything you can do to help support that effort would be greatly appreciated. Any mention of my idea on your website or to your contacts to help me get through to BP and other decision-makers can help us protect our oceans and our fragile ecosystem. If you have the time, please take a moment to visit my website. There you will see the simplicity and usability of the SQUID, and how it can be used to prevent future disasters, as well as trap oil leaks that occur naturally on our ocean floors.


Thank you very much for ANY help you may be able to give in bringing this solution to life.

Steven Dvorak