SquidS.Q.U.I.D eco™
Super Quick Undersea Incident Device

Squid Squid Squid Squid

A Solution to the BP Oil Spill Disaster

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Most underwater solutions attempt to hold the pressure using concrete and stiff metal piping. Unlike rigid containment domes prone to freeze-up or eco-toxic dispersants, the SQUID uses no chemicals in the water, equalizes pressure by allowing the oil to naturally flow to the surface in a contained fashion, and even allows salvaging of that oil for use, rather than burning it off or letting it dissipate across the ocean's surface. This solution uses flexible high strength plastic to capture every drop of oil and is impervious to deep sea currents and low temperatures. It "goes with the flow" of the water.

The scale of the SQUID can be altered, based on the size of the sea floor leak site and depth needed at the rig site. Current prototypes are 48' in diameter, easily assembled on site (sea surface) by divers and tug boats. The ring is delivered hollow; once it is assembled, a heavy agent will fill the inner ring, allowing the ring to sink, while deflating the flotation devices holding the ring above water.

The ring then sinks to cover the leak site, draping the high strength plastic around the leak site, creating a guided flow to the surface. The connection points between the ring and plastic are porous, allowing divers and equipment to flow freely in and out of the shroud, facilitating work to fix the leak or build anew.

The SQUID can be used to control disasters like the one the Gulf of Mexico and British Petroleum are facing right now, or to capture and capitalize on sea floor oil leaks like this that occur naturally all the time.

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